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Auto Accident Chiropractic In Pocatello

A man holding his neck in pain with a car in the background.When you’re in a car accident—even one going only five miles per hour—the force of the impact is absorbed by your body. You may think that if the car isn’t “crumpled,” no real damage was done. However, modern cars are designed to withstand impacts with minimal deformation, while your body has no such crash protection. So even in a low-speed crash, moderate whiplash can occur.

Why It’s Important to Get Checked

When you go to an emergency department after a crash, they’ll typically take X-rays to look for broken bones. But soft tissue damage doesn’t show up on X-rays. Most people have many “microtraumas” in the ligaments, tendons and muscles after an accident. If we don’t restore proper alignment to the joints, those soft tissues will heal on their own—but they won’t heal correctly, in the proper position. This situation can lead to the loss of the cervical curve in your neck, causing nerve issues into the extremities.

Over time, degeneration in the spine and discs and nerve impingement can occur. At that point, the problem is chronic, and all we can do is manage it. But if we address auto accidents soon after they occur, we can help your body heal correctly and prevent those future problems from arising.

Tailored Care

Dr. Johnson has over 20 years’ experience. He will do a thorough examination, including X-rays when needed, to assess the extent of your injuries. Then he’ll tailor a care plan specifically for you. The length of care depends on the severity of the injuries as well as your overall health, but most patients recover in 3-6 months with our care.

Your Team of Experts

We work directly with insurance companies and attorneys (just bring us your claim number). We will also collaborate on your care with other providers, such as physical therapists, neurologists and orthopedists. We want you to get back to doing the things you love to do as quickly as possible!

Don’t Wait

If you’ve been in a car accident, don’t wait to “see what happens.” Contact us today to get checked!

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