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Pediatric Chiropractic in Pocatello

Little girl smiling in the play area.At Johnson Family Chiropractic & Sports Clinic, we offer pediatric chiropractic to help children’s bodies function optimally, without drugs or surgery. By catching problems early, we can help prevent all kinds of chronic issues and set them up for long-term health.

Preventing the Need for Medication

Since kids’ bodies haven’t been exposed to significant toxins, they respond quickly to care. We frequently see issues clear up after 1 or two appointments. We’ve helped many kids from needing ear tubes or antibiotics, which can increase their risk of other chronic problems..

Indications that your baby may need an adjustment include not holding food down, delayed growth, not going to the bathroom, colic, constant crying (colic), insomnia, regular ear infections, or a neck that’s always turned to one side (torticollis).

Keeping Kids Comfortable and Safe

Dr. Johnson frequently performs posture screenings. We’ll check for scoliosis or the effects of too much screen time, like tech neck or shoulders that roll forward. If we need a closer look at anything, we can do X-rays in the office. From there, we’ll build your child a personalized plan of care and targeted exercises to fix the issue right away.

Children’s adjustments are gentler than adults, without any thrusting movements. Dr. Johnson can adjust small children by pushing slowly with his pinky finger or using the Activator Method® while they sit on their mom or dad’s lap.

We take a few minutes at the beginning to let kids play with the adjusting instrument and become comfortable with care. We want them to have a good experience so they’re ready to come back next time.

Preventing Injuries for Athletes

Adjustments are especially important for young athletes. Keeping the biomechanics of the body moving properly helps prevent injuries. If something in the body isn’t working right, the body will compensate and put another area at risk. Athletes whose muscles and joints function properly are stronger, faster, more flexible, and less prone to injury.

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