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X-Ray Service in Pocatello

purple transparent spineAt Johnson Family Chiropractic & Sports Clinic, we’re proud to be one of the only clinics in Pocatello offering on-site X-rays.

We have over twenty years’ experience doing imaging here in the office, giving us a clear picture of your condition while saving you time and money.

Achieving an Accurate Diagnosis

X-rays may not be necessary if you’ve had successful adjustments in the past. We might recommend this service if you haven’t experienced healing at past clinics so we can figure out why you’re not getting better.

Imaging may show that we shouldn’t adjust a certain area or need to refer you out. In some cases, we may want to check for scoliosis or other abnormalities. X-rays are a great diagnostic tool to help us give you the safest and most effective care for your specific needs.

Reasonable Rates You Won’t Find Elsewhere

We strive keep our rates extremely cost effective and affordable. Our imaging costs are far below those of other facilities, as hospitals often charge $600-$700 for the same images—not counting extra fees for the radiology report.

In the past, some of our patients chose to go to the hospital because their insurance wouldn’t cover the same service at our practice. Their out-of-pocket expense still ended up being higher there than it would have been without insurance in our office.

Experience and Precision

Dr. Johnson generally takes the images himself to guarantee that we’re getting the specific shots we need. In the past, we’ve had experiences of hospitals only doing generic views that were too high or too low. We’d rather do the images right the first time, since we know exactly what we’re looking for.

We avoid running X-rays on children unless it’s necessary. Some patients come to us just to check for a broken bone, because they know we have reasonable rates. Of course, we won’t treat fractures, but we can take imaging for diagnostic purposes and send your results to an orthopedic surgeon for treatment.

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